I am an art director & designer based out of Montreal, Québec. Over the past decade I have worked for some top Canadian agencies including Moment Factory and WANT Agency.

My work focuses on logo & identity development, website design and development, photography direction and production, and project management.

I love to work with brands either at the beginning of their journey to develop immersive and innovative identities, but also with previously developed brands to create unique projects and campaigns. Regardless of the stage, I ensure that all of my projects are supported by careful market research and then developed into an inventive visual blueprint that can then be perpelled to production.

I think it's incredibly important to get to know the people i work with so I can provide results that make my clients happy. I love to help bring your vision to a reality. The best projects are always done in collaboration.

When it comes to my aesthetic, I always strive to achieve modern, innovative designs. I do this through beautiful and custom typography, high quality printing techniques, and the latest of web design developments.

Finally, I am committed to making a positive impact on society — an intention I believe is essential for this field. For me, this means utilizing positive messages in my projects and employing environmentally friendly techniques through my printing processes and day to day practices.

If you have a project you’d like to work with me on, I’d love to hear from you!

A CV or .pdf portfolio are available upon request.

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