Hatley Web Redesign

In 2016 I led the reconceptualization and redesign of the digital experience for the clothing brand, Hatley. The website was the crux of this project. In the span of twelve months, we redesigned everything from the homepage to the cart. Moreover, as mobile sales are increasing, it was essential to provide users a seamless experience from their laptops to their cellphones.

Art Director & Manager: Anjela Freyja
Assistant Designer: Vanessa Houle
Development: DEMAC Media

E-Commerce Photography

One of the most important parts of the rebrand was the upgrade in e-commerce photography. Before, the products were shot on stark white and cut out with no shadows. I felt it was important to elevate this and integrated instead, an off-white background, natural shadows, and branded wooden hangers. I also emphasized retouching standards and created a new guide to be carefully followed.

Art Direction: Anjela Freyja
Photography: Adam Stein


Children's Clothes On-Model Photography

Social Media Campaigns

One of my goals was to increase the brands social media following and a great way to do this is to create digital campaigns throughout the season. We did projects like this frequently so we could use the photography across the web, Instagram, and Facebook.

Hatley Swimwear 2016 — Art Direction: Anjela Freyja; Photography: Adam Stein; Hair & MUA: Sarah Peterson; Models: Dulcedo & NEXT.

Little Blue House Holiday Campaign — Art Direction: Anjela Freyja; Photographer: Richard Sibald; Hair & MUA: Genevieve Hardy; Models: Dulcedo & NEXT.

Hatley Holiday 2016 — Art Director: Anjela Freyja; Photographer: Adam Stein.

Hatley Spring Summer 2018 Garments — Art Direction: Anjela Freyja; Photography: Adam Stein; Styling: Pierce Atkinson; Retouching: Anjela Freyja.