La Hacienda

La Hacienda offers a modern take on traditional Mexican cuisine and needed a visual identity that reflected that. We were inspired by the traditional tiling that is found throughout Spain and Mexico. The tiles, however, are normally rich in colour and so, to offer a more sleek and sophisticated aesthetic, we illustrated the tiles in black and white. The custom illustrations were also made as vector flat illustrations as opposed to the traditional natural hand illustrations. This, too, represents the restaurant’s modern approach to traditional ideas.

For house wine selection, a black and white design was created and inverted in colour depending on the grape (white or red).

For La Hacienda, it was important that their aesthetic was instantly recognizable, regardless of whether the logotype was visible or not. For this reason, the signage does not show the logo but instead, just the pattern. Having customers recognize the brand through both mediums offered a further immersive brand experience.