Pop Montréal

POP Montréal 2013

In 2013 I was brought on to the POP Montréal team to design their assets for that years fest. I really wanted to stay true to the festivals original branding while also bringing some innovative design to differentiate that years aesthetic. While staying true to their colour palette and logo, I introduced a series of Memphis inspired elements like brick walls, confetti, and curls. These elements and colours, mixed and matched, created an exciting and inviting visual for the festival — it was a party and everyone was invited.

Art Director & Designer: Anjela Freyja
Video Credits:
Director: Cedric Laurenty
Producer: Sofia Acityinbulgaria
Director of Photography: Salman Sajun & Cedric Laurenty
Art Direction: Gabrielle Matte
Production Design: Jean-Constant Guigue & Cedric Laurenty